Surbana Jurong-Silk Road Fund Co-Investment Platform

高潮流白浆潮喷视频,女学生喷白浆高潮视频Established in October 2019, the Co-Investment Platform targets to identify sustainable greenfield and brownfield infrastructure projects which promote economic connectivity and social responsibility in the region.

The platform focuses primarily on investment opportunities from APAC, with particular focus on countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia. However, parties are able to invest into any other jurisdiction as mutually agreed.

The platform targets minority ownership of late-stage greenfield or brownfield value-add infrastructure opportunities. Investment may be via debt, equity or quasi equity in projects or through funds.

高潮流白浆潮喷视频,女学生喷白浆高潮视频As a co-investment platform, each party targets to commit at least USD250 million over the period of up to 8 years, typically invested in 50:50 proportion. However, each party may raise third party capital for their share of the commitment as mutually agreed.

Read more about the co-investment platform here.